“The Christmas Station” Download Lyrics | Demo

O.K…. It’s Halloween, and time to open the presents. Every year the Holiday season comes earlier. Get a jump on this years season with new Christmas Imaging by Radioscape. A full service package that has everything a programmer needs to get in the Holidays spirit.

“Country Christmas” Download Lyrics | Demo

…A new concept…. Holiday Imaging exclusively for the Country Radio Format. This is Imaging that provides Full, Ramp, and Shotgun jingles, and sounds like the Country stations playlist…. Have a great Country Christmas.

“KONO-FM” Download Lyrics | Demo

Program Director Roger Allen called Radioscape wanting new Imaging to fit his format and to capture the feel of San Antonio. This Imaging package consists of 18 cuts including Top of Hour and assorted Shotguns, Promos, and Specialty cuts for all production purposes. This package will definitely connect with the listeners.

“CMT Country Countdown U.S.A.” Demo

When CMT needed to update their Imaging for their Countdown Show, they came to Radioscape. This package reflects today’s Country music with great voice-over beds and driving Promos and was exclusively written for CMT and their affiliates.

"Boston's Magic" Download Lyrics | Demo

Produced for Don Kelley at WMJX-FM in Boston, this 19 cut Imaging package has it all. It covers stand-alone shotguns, slogan cuts, a cookin’ weather theme and a killer Top of Hour promo along with many specialty cuts and day-part elements that complete an all-inclusive great contemporary package. Boston has never sounded better!

"American Country Countdown" DwnLd Demo

When Kix Brooks needed new Imaging for his Countdown Show, he came to Radioscape for a fresh approach to the ever changing Country Format. This Imaging package is written exclusively for American Country Countdown affiliates. The show is broadcast every Sunday in a market near you…. Take a listen!

"San Antonio’s Hit Factory" Download Lyrics | Demo

A huge twenty cut fast paced, hard hitting package written for the Top 40/CHR market of today. This package covers it all! It includes Rock, Rhythmic, Urban, and Hip-Hop influences of today, featuring mostly solo vocals. Also, most of the short I.D. cuts have alternate ramp fronts that can be used for talk-over beds.

"The FISH in L.A." Download Lyrics | Demo

Originally commissioned for Joy-FM in St. Louis by General Manager Sandi Brown, and also sung for The FISH in Los Angeles and P.D. Chuck Tyler, here’s an imaging package with everything you need. This is a 16 cut package that includes slogan, ramp and shotgun jingles along with Morning Show and Specialty Promo Themes. This package will keep your station current for a very long time.

"WGTS-FM" Download Lyrics | Demo

Another repeat performance request! WGTS-FM wanted to continue the positive Imaging that was produced in the past. Radioscape came up with a 13 cut package that expresses the Contemporary Christian Format perfectly. This package is a seamless blend of Imaging and the CCR artists of today.

"True Oldies Channel" Download Demo

Commissioned by and created for Scott Shannon and his True Oldies Channel affiliates, this package tastefully provides Imaging that completely represents the format. Scott Shannon came to Radioscape and requested that Johnny Hooper do for this format what he had done for WPLJ in New York. These compositions are written exclusively for Scott’s affiliates, and will have supplemental cuts added frequently.

"CARS 108" Download Lyrics | Demo

WCRZ-FM is one of America's premier AC stations. This 16 cut package flows nicely and blends elements together smoothly with vocals that cut through. Complete with a full live horn section, it's perfect for any AC or Gold based station.

"WBGL-FM" Download Lyrics | Demo

Commissioned by WBGL-FM, WCIC-FM, and WIBI-FM, Radioscape was asked to create a work-horse Imaging package that pleased three different Program Directors. It was a complete success that sounds like the play list of today’s Contemporary Christian Format featuring solo and group vocals.

"KTIS-FM" Download Lyrics | Demo

Written for Program Director Jason Sharp and Consultant John Frost, this small package creates the momentum and drive requested for this powerhouse station. All cuts are adaptable for different logos and capture the feel of the station.

"Detroit's Best Country" Download Lyrics | Demo

Hold on to your hats, buckaroos, here it comes! A brand new imaging package conceived for the Detroit market that represents the best of today’s country music. Featuring real instruments and contemporary vocals, this package rocks with some of the best pickin’ you’ll ever hear. Along with some morning show cuts, as well as a cookin’ Top of the Hour, this package also caters to not only today’s country play list but to the classics and legends as well. Brace yourself for an energetic new twist for country imaging.

"Milwaukee's WMIL" Download Lyrics | Demo

This package was part of the presentation that entered and won for CMA Large Market Station of the Year and the ACM Major Market Station of the Year.   Written for Clear Channel's Kerry Wolfe, this package contains 20 great cuts and a five cut production library that has logo imaging to match the cuts in this dynamic package.

"My Hit Music" Download Lyrics | Demo

The Eagle Radio Group wanted a different sound for their AC stations. They asked for a very flexible imaging package that sounded like the artists they played. This package includes as many mix-outs as possible and works incredibly well with today’s AC play list.

"Austin's New Mix" Download Lyrics | Demo

Commissioned by Entercom’s Bill Pasha, we set out to write a package that fit perfectly with today’s Hot AC play list. The vocals were hand-picked by VP of Programming Dusty Hayes, and most cuts include a shotgun and ramp mix-out. Here’s the perfect imaging package for today’s Hot AC format.

"Positive Hits" Download Lyrics | Demo

Somebody has finally done it!......created a contemporary Hot AC package for Today's Christian Radio. This package is a 17 cut package with shotgun I.D. cuts, ramp cuts, slogan cuts and much more. Written for WCVO, 104 pt 9, The River in Columbus Ohio, RadioScape is proud to be involved with the new sound and latest branding for this market.

“Austin's Country Original” Download Lyrics | Demo

Austin's K-VET asked us to come up with a more traditional country sound, but with more "teeth" than the typical station I.D. package. RadioScape is proud to present a 19 cut package that will set you apart from the other guys in your market.

"ABC HOT AC" Download Demo

Commissioned by ABC Radio Networks and Program Director Dan Lopez, Radioscape composed an Imaging concept that fit all needs of the affiliates for this format. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Network Affiliates.

"Open Range" Download Demo

This is the second in a series of packages for the ABC "Real Country" Format created specifically and exclusively for ABC Affiliates. Program Director Richard Lee requested a package that defined his format and wanted the Imaging jingles to flow seamlessly between songs. The outcome was a success, and Richard is already coming up with new ideas for the supplements for next year.

"Minnesota's News/Talk" Download Lyrics | Demo

Written for WCCO in Minneapolis, this package has everything. This contemporary-sounding package is perfect for today’s News/Talk Imaging. 13 cuts including Shotguns, Morning Show Themes, News sounders, Traffic Theme, Weather Theme, Jock Promos and Specialty cuts that will stand out in your market.

"Classic Christian Radio" Download Lyrics | Demo

A classic sound for a classic station. The staff at WLIX requested a specific sound for their format. This is a 17 cut package that includes everything needed for today’s Christian Radio Imaging.

"Atlanta's WUBL" Download Lyrics | Demo

Custom created for Clear Channel’s WUBL in Atlanta, this package was designed to be quick and to the point. Vice President of Programming, Clay Hunnicut had a specific country sound in mind, and once again Radioscape delivered. A ten cut package designed for country stations playing today’s country hits.

"Eagle Country" Download Lyrics | Demo

Eagle Country in Great Bend needed an up-tempo Country package that reflected the same attitude as their playlist. We listened to their thoughts and starting creating. A well rounded twelve cut package with as many mix-outs as we can give you, and as always your choice of solo or group vocals.

"ABC AC 2007" Download Demo

When Peter Stewart of ABC Radio Networks wanted to update his imaging for the AC format, he came to Radioscape for a fresh new sound. This package is designed to compliment the imaging of today’s AC format. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Networks Affiliates only.

"Country Gold" Download Lyrics | Demo

When Rowdy Yates wanted a jingle package for his new Syndicated Show, he didn’t hesitate to call Radioscape, and tell us exactly what he had in mind. This small package was specifically designed for the Country market with a certain style that fits the sound and feel of today’s Country music. Country Gold will shine in your market.

"ABC Timeless Favorites 2007" Download Demo

The ABC Radio Networks came to Radioscape requesting a fresh new Imaging package for a brand new format they were developing. As it turns out, the success of this format has been unbelievable, and the sound of the imaging compliments the playlist extremely well. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Networks Affiliates only.

"Austin's Magic" Download Lyrics | Demo

Nothing says "lost in" like somethin' from the Austin!  New Soft Rock jingles with shotgun mix-outs.  Killer solo vocals and dynamic duets.  Not the traditional Dallas vocal group sound. Continuous Soft Rock, Today's Soft Rock, Refreshing Soft Rock--whatever your handle, Radioscape can handle it.

"ABC Oldies Radio 2007" Download Demo

Commissioned by ABC Radio Networks, Radioscape and Program Director Dave Michaels set out to create an Imaging package for his Oldies radio format that sounded fresh and energetic but stayed true to the formats hits that are being played. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Networks Affiliates only.

"Family Life Network" Download Lyrics | Demo

Here you go…..A Christian imaging package that does it all. Family Life Network trusted us to create a package that fills the void for Christian radio of today. They challenged us to step up and change the sound of Today’s Christian imaging….. Positive, Uplifting, Encouraging and not afraid to be aggressive. Your Christian station should sound this good!

"The Tradition" Download Demo

When ABC MUSIC RADIO wanted a new sound for its legendary format leader, "Real Country", they came to RadioScape. Written exclusively for ABC MUSIC RADIO, this unique package is the signature brand heard on radio stations across America. This is a 10-cut package consisting of work horse cuts that keep the production going.

"Radio Disney" Download Demo

RadioScape is honored to say that we have been working with the great people at Radio Disney since it's inception in 1996. Written by award winning composer Johnny Hooper, we are celebrating their 10th anniversary package, which completes over 120 cuts written for Radio Disney. This is only a small montage of the many different styles written over the years.

"Focus On The Family" Download Demo

For the last two years, the people at Focus On The Family have trusted RadioScape for creating positioning music, promos and show openers for their "Sharing Life Together" worldwide syndicated radio show. This is a montage of some of the show themes and promos.

“Family Friendly Radio” Download Lyrics | Demo

OK, this is the big one for Christian Radio. This package was conceived by some of the top programmers and consultants for the Christian Radio format. This is a 16 cut package complete with all the needs for today's radio programming which will truly set your station apart from the others.

"Today's Best Country" Download Lyrics | Demo

The sound of this package is the sound of today's "Young Guns" in country music. A very contemporary approach that reflects the cutting edge sound of today's country artist. This package was written for the ABC SATELLITE RADIO NETWORK-COUNTRY-COAST TO COAST FORMAT, which is only available to the affiliates of ABC. We want to thank the creative staff at ABC for trusting us with their new imaging!

"My Name Is BOB" Download Lyrics | Demo

My name is BOB...is a production guy's dream. This package is loaded with long production beds that can be looped or edited to fit your own needs. In addition to short I.D.cuts, "BOB" has full promo type compositions that are contemporary and have today's radio attitude.

"New Light" Download Lyrics | Demo

A ten cut imaging package written for New York's Star 99.1, featuring a full length station song. "New Light" is a Hot AC format mixed with solo and group vocals.

"Charlotte's Number One" Download Lyrics | Demo

A thirteen cut package written and conceived for the Christian market. It is a Hot AC format approach to today’s Christian music, that is up and appealing to today’s listeners.

"Lite Groove" Download Lyrics | Demo

An up-tempo contemporary approach to the Lite rock/AC formats of today. A fifteen cut package consisting of Shotguns, and numerous long cuts for talk-over in house production. A fresh approach for AC - Lite Rock stations.

"Right Now-Imaging Package" Download Lyrics | Demo

Written for KTAR in Phoenix. This is a 25 cut package featuring two (2) image songs with male and female lead vocals. 3 Image Promos with group vocals. Full tilt sounders and themes package. Ideal for News, News-Talk, Television and Sports Radio or Television.

"Salt Lake City’s News Radio" Download Lyrics | Demo

Hard hitting, testosterone driven jingles. Sports theme, including an Olympics version. 30 cut package. Can be mixed in 5.1 surround sound. News-Talk, FM Talk, Sports, Sports Talk or Television.

"Atlanta’s WSB-AM News Talk" Download Lyrics | Demo

Conceived and developed by Greg Moceri and WSB Radio’s Pete Spriggs. 10 powerful cuts. Top of Hour, News, News whip, Traffic, sports--all the basics. Already heard on stations like WOKV Jacksonville...WFIR Roanoke... KKAR Omaha...WTRC Elkhart...WDBO Orlando...and wonderful WOWO in Ft. Wayne.

“Christmas In New York” Download Lyrics | Demo

A ten cut package that compliments the “New Light” package. It was written for The New York market in mind with most cuts having talk-over beds for station/jock promos and Christmas promotion usage. A Hot AC approach to Christmas jingle production.

"Real Country Christmas" Download Demo

A Holiday imaging presentation for the”REAL COUNTRY “format. This package combines the feel of the holidays with the legends of country. Exclusively for the ABC SATELLITE RADIO NETWORK affiliates.

"Today's Best Country Christmas" Download Demo

Capturing the sound of Christmas in an up-to-date country package was what ABC SATELLITE RADIO NETWORK asked us to do. We listened to their ideas and came up with an extraordinary mix of today’s country and the holiday season. Radioscape is pleased to offer this holiday imaging package exclusively for the affiliates of ABC.

"Chicago's WGN Video Presentation" Download Demo

We're really proud of this.  If you want a VERY low key sounder package with some exciting promos, we would love to talk to you about finishing this up!

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